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Close up shot of a Mimic Dice box with details of teeth

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About the artists:

Danielle Hurley and Karl Payne, Artists at Unnatural 20 Art while creating Mimic Dice Box

Kara Payne:

Hailing from Portland, OR, Kara Payne specializes in miniature painting, sculpture, and film photography. With a background in engineering and fine arts, her work often skirts the edge of precision and chaos. Kara is an award winning miniature painter and enjoys a wide variety of hobbies and interests in her off hours.

Danielle Hurley:

A New England transplant and nerd for life, Dani Hurley specializes in sculpture, costuming, and fiddley-bits. With over ten years of experience in theatrical production, she knows her stuff when it comes to bringing the fantastical to life. Her skills in traditional clay sculpture are unparalleled and her maniacal creativity shines through in every piece.


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