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Welcome to Unnatural 20 Art, where we create unique and terrifying functional artworks! Please, feel free to peruse our handmade wares and find yourself a monster to take home with you.


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These monstrous dice towers are coming soon, with Early Bird specials you won't want to miss.

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Masterfully Painted, Meticulously Sculpted

Every piece of art we sell is sculpted, hand cast and painted by us, the artists. We then seal each one in a thick resin coating, preserving the paint for years of regular use. These are one of a kind pieces you can't get anywhere else.

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About the Artists

Lilith Payne (She/Her):

Hailing from Portland, OR, Lilith Payne specializes in miniature painting, sculpture, and film photography. With a background in engineering and fine arts, her work often skirts the edge of precision and chaos. Lilith is an award winning miniature painter and enjoys a wide variety of hobbies and interests in her off hours.

Danielle Hurley (She/Her):

A New England transplant and nerd for life, Dani Hurley specializes in sculpture, costuming, and fiddley-bits. With over ten years of experience in theatrical production, she knows her stuff when it comes to bringing the fantastical to life. Her skills in traditional clay sculpture are unparalleled and her maniacal creativity shines through in every piece.